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Pro Design Series - Professional Styles for Automotive Dealers and Professional Installers!

Durability and classic styles are hallmarks of the Pro Series brand. What makes Pro Series vinyl graphics, vehicle decals and striping kits different? It comes down to fit and quality! Pro Series only offers the highest quality professional cast vinyl films made for the automotive vinyl graphic industry. Only 3M and Avery vinyl are featured, because of the durability and dependabilty of these brands. These Pro Design Series vehicle specific vinyl graphic kits are made with installation in mind, because they are precisely designed, measured, and test fitted to replicate OE factory kits before being sent to market. This is why 3M and Avery professional installers, automotive dealers, body shops, and everyday car enthusiasts choose these vinyl graphic kits!

Classic and Modern Installation Vinyl

Modern Installation (Dry Method) vinyls from the 3M 1080 Series and Avery Supreme Wrap brands offer a modern, easy to install "dry" application wrapping vinyls that can be lifted during installation to re-position or correct errors. These professional wrapping vinyl films have undetectable air pockets to release air bubbles during the installation process.

Classic Installation (Wet Method) vinyls from the 3M Premium Series and Avery Dennison Supercast Series brands have a 40 year track record of dependability and quality. This vinyl should be installed with an easy "wet" method with a squeegee, and allows for repositioning during installation. The "wet" installation method has been the industry standard for decades and still used in most OE factory applications.

Premium Vinyl with a Paint-like Finish

Pro Series vinyl graphic striping decals are produced in thicknesses of 2-mil to 3.5-mil, offering a thin paint like surface in a "high performance" vinyl graphic film, made specifically for the automotive vinyl graphic industry. Vinyl graphic films from 3M and Avery Dennison offer manufacturer ratings of five to 8 plus years for life expectancy of the vinyl, when manufacturer care tips are followed carefully.

Vinyl Graphics Installation with the "Pro" in Mind

Pro Series vehicle striping kits, vinyl decal packages and striping accent kits are easy to install, be sure to view our installation page or use other online resources for installation help. You can also use a qualified 3M and Avery "Installation Professional" available in your area. Countless hours are spent in design and test fittings for the most reliable vinyl graphic designs available today. Your installation professional will be happy that you have chosen a vinyl graphic that has been tested for proper fitment for easier and faster installations!


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