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Featuring 3M and Avery Professional Grade Cast Vinyl Films

Modern Installation (Dry Method) : 3M 1080 / 2080 Series and Avery Supreme Wrap (SW900) Air Release Cast Vinyl
Vinyl graphic professionals enjoy this modern, easy to install "dry" application wrapping vinyl that can be lifted during installation to re-position or correct errors, and is to be heated post installation to adjust vinyl to contours. This wrapping vinyl has undetectable air pockets to release air bubbles during the installation process. These non-visible air channels on these cast wrapping vinyls offer a faster "dry" installation with high quality results. Self-adhesive backing has a pressure-activated adhesive on the bottom of the vinyl, and also has a dual-layer cast vinyl film with color and clear protective layers which provide a thin smooth paint-like finish, designed to last an estimated five to 8 years of various outdoor weather conditions. Following the vinyl manufacturer recommendations is the best way to receive the longest vinyl life. This is the highest quality wrapping cast vinyl material available in today's aftermarket vinyl graphic industry. Air release "dry installation" technology offers easier, faster, and more effective installations. This vinyl graphic will come with a top-premask layer, a middle vinyl layer, a lower adhesive layer, and a paper backing layer. Featuring miniature air channels on the adhesive side of the vinyl decal that will allow for air to be easily squeegeed out from the bottom, which provides a smooth bubble-free and wrinkle-free installation on the vinyl striping surface. Both 3M 1080 2080 and Avery Supreme Wrap wrapping films combine performance, versatility and convenience for faster installations. Over 40 colors to choose from offer more choices than ever before to meet your vinyl graphic needs.

Classic Installation (Wet Method) : 3M Premium Series and Avery Dennison Supercast Series High Performance Cast Vinyl
Over 40 years of dependable quality and an estimated 5-8 year life span on your vehicle, this premium OE style vinyl can be applied "wet" easily with a squeegee, which allows for repositioning during installation. The "wet" installation method has been the industry standard for decades and still used in most OE factory applications. This vinyl is a cast outdoor automotive grade vinyl ideal for vehicle vinyl graphics, vehicle striping and decal kits, rear windows graphics and many more automotive vinyl graphic striping decal applications. These vinyl decal brands are designed to withstand severe weather and handling conditions, and is a durable and dimensionally stable vinyl. Made in a wide range of gloss, matte, metallic and opaque vinyl colors. These vinyl stripes come with a self-adhesive backing with a pressure-activated adhesive. Designed to last up to 8 years in various outdoor weather conditions, with a cast protective layers which provide a thin and smooth paint-like finish. High temperature and water resistant. Follow recommended vinyl manufacturer care tips to receive the longest vinyl life. Wet installation vinyls should use the "wet" method of installation, using a recommended wetting solution. This vinyl graphic comes with a top-premask layer, the middle vinyl layer, a lower adhesive layer, and a paper backing layer. After removing the bottom paper layer, the vinyl can be repositioned because the wetting solution limits adhesion until squeegeed. Air and water solution should be carefully squeegeed out from the bottom when applying the correct pressure, which will activate the adhesive and provide a smooth bubble-free and wrinkle-free installation on the vinyl decal surface. Remove the top pre-mask layer after installation, which protected the vinyl while being installed. Both 3M 7125 Premium Series and Avery 900 Supercast films have been used for decades in the automotive vinyl graphics indiustry, and have been a proven standard in performance, versatility and convenience for classic installations. Over 75 colors to choose from offer the most choices to meet all of your vinyl graphic needs.


  • "Classic" or "Modern" installation techniques
  • "Wet" or "Dry" method vinyl for today's professional installer
  • Cast PVC colored vinyl material w/ protective layers
  • Top layer pre-masked and ready to install
  • 75 color/finish combinations (Gloss, Opaque, Matte, Metallic)


  • More vinyl graphic design options
  • Ready to install for faster installations
  • Easier installation with air release options
  • OE factory quality without the factory price
  • Longer lasting premium vinyl material



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