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Auto Trim Express Vinyl Graphic Brand | Stripes and Decals

Auto Trim Express started with hand airbrushed designs using quality automotive paints. As modern technology progressed, these same painted images were all redesigned and then printed digitally on quality automotive grade vinyl, while keeping the same great look of the painted airbrushed designs. This why we use the term "digitally airbrushed vinyl graphics". Digital airbrushing using quality outdoor automotive grade vinyl allows a more consistent look and a finish that is top notch on all the graphics we produce.

Auto Trim Express vinyl graphic designs come in variety of multiple sizes for most makes, models, and years. Some vinyl decal designs have a 3 inch and a 6 inch version. This allows complete flexibility in choosing the right size that fits your vehicle best. This also works well when matching a vinyl striping design for a rear trailer. For example, you can use a smaller size vinyl graphic on a truck, then a larger size vinyl graphic on the trailer. Long story short, these vinyl graphic designs can fit cars, trucks, SUVs, trailers, vans, and more!

All of our vinyl decal kits are printed on the highest quality 2.5 mil cast vinyl films. While other vinyl graphic brands utilize color profiles that use less ink or cheaper ink system to cut costs, Auto Trim Express uses the latest in digital vinyl printing technology, high-quality ink systems, and hi-res vinyl color profiles to guarantee the best product quality.


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