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Product Warranty




Our Vinyl Films include a 1-year limited warranty for Pro Design vinyls only.  All other vinyl graphics manufacturer come with a 6 month limited warranty. We will replace any defective product within the specified warranty time frame. Warranty is for original purchaser only, is non-transferable and begins upon customer receipt. Products are warranted and sold based upon the expectation that the purchaser will use the item(s) for the manufacturer's intended purpose. Warranty is invalid if product is applied to the incorrect vehicle make/model or used in a way inconsistent with intended application. Warranty does not cover damage caused during the installation process. Defective item liability shall not exceed the original purchase price. Under no circumstances shall we be responsible for any incidental or other damages outside of our control. No additional warranties and implied warranties other than those stated above which are made expressly in lieu of all other warranties shall apply to any vinyl films or products sold by VinylGraphicsPro. VinylGraphicsPro specifically disclaims and excludes all other warranties.

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