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2016-2018 Chevy Camaro Stripes Scythe Vinyl Graphic Decal Kit

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Custom Auto Designs

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Chevy Camaro Scythe Vinyl Graphic Decal Stripes Kit
Vinyl Graphics, Stripes, Pin Striping, and Decals by Custom Auto Designs

Driver and Passenger Sides - Complete Vinyl Graphics Kit as Shown Included (See Pictures)
Custom Auto Design Vinyl Graphics Color Chart

CUSTOM AUTO DESIGNS features two professional grade automotive vinyl film choices

Quality Automotive 2-Mil High Performance Vinyl
This vinyl can be applied "wet" easily with a squeegee. If you're looking to save money on your kit this is the best choice. Not recommended for installs with a hard difficulty.

Avery Supreme Wrap (ASW) Air Release Wrap Vinyl
Flexible, "dry" install vinyl that can be lifted up during installation to correct errors and heated up to adjust vinyl to contours. This vinyl also has air pockets to release air bubbles during install. This vinyl is recommended for all installs with a medium to hard difficulty.

For a wrapping film that combines performance, versatility and convenience, look no further than Avery Supreme Wrapping (ASW) Films. This dual-layer film incorporates color and clear protective layers, providing a smooth, paint-likefinish that’s both durable and dazzling. What’s more, with many color options, Supreme Wrapping Film offers more choices than ever before to meet your needs.


  • Outstanding durability and performance
  • Excellent conformability around curves and recesses
  • Provides colored film and protective layer in one piece construction
  • Available with Easy Apply RS technology
  • Color/finish combinations (Gloss, Matte, Metallic, Carbon)


  • More design options
  • Apply with one piece of material – fewer seams
  • Faster installation, higher quality results
  • Out of the box application, no printing or laminating required
  • Easy handling, no application tape needed


CUSTOM AUTO DESIGNS - Uses Avery Supreme Wrap (ASW)
For a wrapping film that combines the performance, versatility and convenience, look no further than Supreme Wrapping Films from Avery Dennison. This dual-layer film incorporates color and clear protective layers, providing a smooth, paint-like finish that’s both durable and dazzling. With a wide variety of color options and finishes, Supreme Wrapping Film offers more choices than ever before to meet your needs.

Easy Apply Technology
Avery Dennison® Easy Apply Films offer a patented performance feature designed to make installation easier and more effective no matter what the skill level of the applicator. All Easy Apply and Easy Apply RS products are designed to make the installation of large panel graphics on fleet and vehicles much easier and quicker than ever before.

Easy Apply films allow an installer to limit the risks associated with graphic application, such as wrinkling and entrapped air bubbles. In addition, an installer can also re-position a graphic within the first few minutes of applying material. If air bubbles are trapped, it is possible for small bubbles to be pressed out with relative ease. The Easy Apply RS films have the added advantage of repositionability, or slideability of graphics as well as air egress.

* About Custom Auto Designs
Custom Auto Designs is a line of vehicle specific kits. Vehicle specific kits are designed to fit specific vehicles based on make, model and year. We have hundreds of kits for Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers, Challengers and many, many more. Most of these kits are OE copies and some custom designs are available. All of these kits are available in 9 stock colors or you can order them in custom colors and sizes.

* Usually ships within 7 - 10 business days.

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